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Laser Cutting


With significant investment of over £0.5million on one piece of new machinery, YSS are committed to continued success within the industry.

The AJ Fibre, a break-through in fibre laser cutting technology and the first of this type in the UK. It has axis travel distance of (X) 4020 x (Y) 2050 x (Z) 100; fast and precise material processing, rapid feed rates of 170M per minute – the fastest in its class.

We have a number of ‘state-of-the-art’ machines including an ASLUL tower attached to one of the laser cutting machines. Our In-house design team and scheduling software means works are organised and tracked in a timely manner.

Our CNC laser cutting facility allows us to manufacture OEM parts and components for other manufacturers and for our own products. We have the facility to run to a 24 hour capacity which allows production of large quantities, one-off projects and prototypes.

This along with having our own finishing and painting facilities allows efficient and precise engineering services at speed. Improved productivity means we can usually offer better lead times than our competitors.

Laser cutting capabilities:

Mild Steel           0.5mm to 25mm
Stainless Steel   0.5mm to 15mm
Aluminium          0.5mm to 12mm